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* SOLD *    P15 Bozo (Bird x E15 Mikees Bambi) - DOB: 3/25/15

* SOLD *

We call this horse "Bozo"...not cuz he's like a clown but because he reminds me of the famous barrel horse "Bozo".  He looks like him.  All that aside, he's a great looking horse that's been used all over on our ranch from gathering, sorting, shipping, branding, following a lead steer, heel-o-matic to being started in the arena as both a head horse and a heel horse.  Another words, this horse is an all-around horse.  He's pretty, gentle and tuff!  He's the type that the whole family will be able to use and fall in love with.  He's relateted to my good horse "Abby" that's currently my #1 head horse.  Abby is one of the fastest horses I've ever been on.  The difference between her and Bozo is he is by our running stud "When The Eagle Flys" (Bird).  He should be able to run like the wind.  So if you're looking for your favorite, best horse, this is the one.  I love him and I'm sure you will too!!!

* SOLD * P15 Bozo (Bird x E15 Mikees Bambi) - DOB: 3/25/15

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