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7390 Cattle Drive  

Santa Margarita, CA  93453  

United States of America

TEL: 805-475-2411   

E-MAIL: info@madonnainnquarterhorses.com

email: flyingtcattle@gmail.com

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P27 (Bird x J28 Minervas Playgun) DOB: 3/30/15Sorrel Filly, LH Stocking, RF Sock, Bald Face

P27 (Bird x J28 Minervas Playgun) Name Pending

  • This beautiful filly is another "Bird" baby and also just about halter broke herself.  I'm so impressed & excited with the temperment, confirmation, color and athletic ability in all these young horses.  Even though she's just a sorrel in color, she's still very striking and attention getter with her big bald face & stocking legs.  This filly along with all the others is sure to be really fast, a big stopper and cowy to boot.  Dare I say she's another one of my favorites?