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7390 Cattle Drive  

Santa Margarita, CA  93453  

United States of America

TEL: 805-475-2411   

E-MAIL: info@madonnainnquarterhorses.com

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P36 (Twisselena x B26 Carrisa Silver) Name Pending DOB: 3/5/15Brown Filly-Dorsal Stripe, No other markings

P36 (Twisselena x B26 Carrisa Silver) Name Pending

  • Finally, a Twisselena daughter.  This mare is TRULY one of my favorites!  Even though her pictures aren't the greatest, she's definetly one of the pretty one's.  She's sweet yet sensitive...but not too sensitive.  She's one of the 1st to meet you at the gate, yet when leading her around in the arena, she watches everything.  This mare crouches down but doesn't move.  She waits to see what I want 1st.  I love this in her.  She's one of my picks for a cutter or reiner.  I think it's the way she carries herself...level and low to the ground.  This also means (to me...) good quick stops with "anticipation".  Anticipation is a great trait for a show horse!