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7390 Cattle Drive  

Santa Margarita, CA  93453  

United States of America

TEL: 805-475-2411   

E-MAIL: info@madonnainnquarterhorses.com

email: flyingtcattle@gmail.com

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P48 (Bird x L28 Minnie Got Gun) Name PendingDOB: 3/5/15Sorrel Colt, Star, Strip & Snip on Left side of face mostly

P48 (Bird x L28 Minnie Got Gun) Name Pending

  • Another "Bird" baby!  I love these babies.  With only 8 in our 1st colt crop, I've still had enough to get a good feel of them and how they're gonna turn out.  I think the "Bird" babies are gonna be FANTASTIC!  For example...I thought this colt was gonna be a bit fractious by the way he watched me, but just the opposite.  When I threw my rope on him he just stopped & calmed right down (although he still watched me cautiously).  I played with him for about 15 minutes when 1st roped.  He gave to pressure right after that so I proceded to put the halter on him.  He took it very well!  I then proceeded to lead him (slowly & gently) across the pen where I wanted to tie him up.  He allowed me to do all this, tie him up and not once pulled back after being tied up.  I left him tied up for about an hour then untied and turned him loose.  Everyday after that he was better and better.  I think this will be another colt that can run, turn & stop.  So no matter what you want to do...he's gonna do it.  This is a very nice colt!  Smart!!