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* SOLD *   Birdofafeather P61 (Bird x Hot Lil Pistol L 1)

   SOLD     Birdofafeather P61

(Bird x Hot Lil Pistol L 1) DOB: 4/4/15 Sorrel Gelding; Star, Strip w/ Broken Snip, LH Sock, Slight Flaxen Mane.

Big, good looking sorrel gelding used on the ranch for gathering, sorting, branding & shipping.  Started in the arena as head & heel horse.  

Another really nice gelding bred for both "cow" & "run".  Quiet and would make a great barrel horse!

* SOLD *   Birdofafeather P61 (Bird x Hot Lil Pistol L 1)

  • This was the last colt caught of sorted from the mares the day that we weaned.  He jumped out of the chute & acted really crazy.  After we got home with all the colts and put them in their perspective pens, he was like a different horse.  He suddenly became VERY SMART & EASY!  I thought, "WOW"!  I'm really liking these "Bird" babies even more.  Even though some of them seemed spooky or scared when 1st handled, they all of a sudden would get "un-afraid" & settled.  I really believe this is a marvelous trait to have in horses.  It makes everything so easy.  There's never any battles or trouble.  They almost train themselves.  ...So here's one more great colt that I think will be able to fulfill anyone's goal's, wants and dreams.

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