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* SOLD *   Pick A Pepper O55

* SOLD *

This gorgeous young mare is one of my favorites horses.  She's been one of my "go to" horses when I have big jobs to do....whether it's gathering, sorting or branding.  She's super tuff and extremely fast!  I can do twice as much on her as most other horses I ride when gathering...which at times is a really big deal.  Another words, she's got a tremendously huge heart and gives me 110% ALL of the time.  She's now being team roped on and is doing amazing!  If you want a horse that CAN & WILL do anything you ask of her...this is the one!  She's also got very good feet and legs!  Her feet are so tough that I elected to not even shoe her cuz she NEVER gets sore footed.  In my eyes, why shoe them if they don't need it?  Be and stay natural!  Anyway, "Pepper" is the real deal!  Don't miss out on this one!!!

* SOLD * Pick A Pepper O55

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