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Corriente Roping Steers

A truly unique breed & we have the best of the best...

Rowly & I have been in the Roping Steer business for over 40 years.  Our crew has mostly been family throughout the years.  Amongst our family we've had friends that join us.  Over the years, our helpers have come and gone but that hasn't made any of them "less" family.  We stay friends and family forever.  We not only feel that we've got the BEST Corriente Roping Steers in the West, but we've also had the BEST crew in the west.

We purchase all of our Roping Steers from cattle traders in Mexico.  We have purchased most of them through our good friend, Fred Lucero who lives in Canutillo, TX.,  just this side of the Mexican Border near El Paso, TX.  Fred goes down into Mexico year round dealing with the Mexican people & traders, then recieves them in border yards where they are quarantined, dipped, tested for different diseases, sorted and sold to his perspective buyers.  Fred sells cattle to people who are in the Roping Steer business all over the United States.  At this time, we are one of his largest buyers of this type of cattle.


Every steer or animal that we buy goes through a branding process.  This process consists of roping (heading & heeling) every steer.  We do this as part of their "breaking in".  After they are processed, they are turned out for a period of time until they are rested and in a bit better team roping shape.  

...Just Roping...

When the steers are ready or we're ready for them, the fun begins.  We usually start with around 20-25 head at a time.  They are loaded into our Priefert Roping Chute and run through our arena 2-3 times in groups.  After that they're brought back up and reloaded.  We head and heel them at least 3 times.  By the 3rd run on them their tails are taped with different colors of Duct Tape as to their way of going.  Our tape colors vary.  We use Hot Pink, Bright Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, White & Red.  The meaning behind the colors usually start with the Pink being the fastest and strongest to the Green, White & Red being the slowest, while Yellow, Orange & Blue are somewhere in the middle.  

As the steers are used at ropings, rodeos, jackpots & people's practice pens they are sorted over and over again, thus getting different colors of tape put on their tails according to how they're doing.  Rowly & Caleb are very particular about how well our steers stay sorted.  We feel everyone who competes on them should have an even chance to win on each steer.  Although nothing stays the same or perfect, but we all do our best to try and keep our steers as even as possible.

Because of our hard work, determination and attention over the years, we've attained a pretty good reputation for having great steers.  We supply Roping Steers to such Events as the WSTR Finale in Las Vegas (950 head in 2015), the Reno Rodeo , BFI, Salinas Rodeo , California Mid State Fair and our own WSTR at Madonna Inn to mention just a few.  Our Roping Steers travel to many different states....Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Utah & Arizona.  We also supply Steer Wrestling Steers to the Flying U Rodeo (Cotton Rosser) and have had several sets for different years at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (WNFR) in Las Vegas along with our usual Team Roping Steer there too.

Although we've got lots of open land and range for all of our steers, when the drought hit we had to send the bulk of them to Arizona to be pastured and broke in for the future events.  We do this with a good friend and very competent cowboy, Troy Shelley.  We've known Troy for over 20 years.  We first met when he was the head cattle boss for the USTRC Ropings.  Troy's always had an amazing crew that travels around the United States putting on and managing Team Ropings.  A few years after Denny Gentry sold the USTRC, Troy made a switch and became the head cattle boss for most of Denny's WSTR including the WSTR Finales.  Because Troy and his crew are so knowledgeable & dependable, we started using them for ALL of our personal Ropings.  

 I know it sounds like all fun, but trust takes a lot of hard work, good horses, cowboys (and cowgirls) and time.  We break in over 2000 head per year.

Thank you to all of our wonderful crew & friends & family that are always here for us when breaking in all of the cattle.

“I'm a testimonial."

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“I'm a testimonial."

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“I'm a testimonial."

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