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Pinkalicious R65 is a beautiful mare with very limited riding at this point (3/20/20) but is currently being ridden and aquiring lots of miles.  She's a very gorgeous mare to say the least but on the other hand is super sensitive and a bit skidish.  After a few more months of riding I'm hoping this skidishness will disapear.  As for next of kin....I'm riding a full brother right now that is nearly finished and being headed & heeled on in our arena.  I've used him for EVERYTHING on the ranch such as gathering, sorting, shipping, branding & doctoring cattle outside.  He's bombproof and I'm hoping she will get here too someday soon.  "Pink" is a very talented horse with tons of athletic ability, quick feet & run.  She'd make an excellent barrel horse (In my opinion).  She just LOOKS like SPEED!  But if you're interested...know she's probably for an experienced rider.

R65 Pinkalicious (Shooter x #65 Royal Montana Badger) DOB: 5/19/17