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This page is about the Stallions we've had in the past, present & future.

We run all of our studs together in one pasture when it's not breeding season.  Yes, this is not the norm for most operations, but we find that they stay better minded and are better to handle and be around.  After'd you like to be kept off by yourself after you had a "harem" for several months out of the year?  

Not happy, I'm sure.


Below,  find photos of our stallions that 

we've built & based our whole horse program on.


Stud Fees for ALL Stallions in 2022

is $1500 each.

1998 Gray Stallion

(Deceased December 29, 2019)

"Shooter", as we call him was a wonderful horse in his own right.  Great temperament, beautiful, talented in many ways AND GRAY!  You can get him out of the pasture after breeding mares, throw a saddle on him and either ride, rope or cut on him. 

He does it all...& he does it well!  

We love him and his offspring.  

He also throws a lot of  SPEED!

Shooter in Gazebo Field at Alberti  5-6-05
Shooter & Cathie PCCHA Mar 2003
Cathie & Shooter PCCHA 2003
Shooter in Gazebo Field at Alberti  5-6-05
Texas Playgun _Shooter_ 5-6-14

2005 Blood Bay Stallion

Twisselena...a stallion named after our "namesake"... & for one reason...

He's the only son of any of our studs that we've ever kept a stallion AND he's gorgeous (especially for just a bay horse).  As you can see he's almost a "mahogany" gold color.  He's 9 years old in this photo which was taken in February of 2014.  He's also wonderful to ride and do everything on.  He's athletic, fast and very good minded.  I loved branding on him when I was riding him.  He was soooo good, no one even knew he was a stud.  Now that's good!

We've got several young horses sired by Twisselena that we’re gonna start & offer for sale in the future.  We’ll also have unstarted colts for sale too if that’s what you’re more interested in.


If interested, just contact me at 805-475-2411. 

2011 Blood Bay Stallion

"BIRD" as we've just lovingly nicknamed him is only 2 years old in this photo (2013).  We bred him to 9 mares in 2013 & got 9 foals in 2014.  Yes, we started breeding him early, but we wanted to get a jump on having outstanding foals by him, plus he was so good minded it never affected his wonderful disposition.

Bird, is completely differently bred than the rest of the studs that we've owned.  He's strictly "running" bred.  Our thoughts in getting a stud like this is to just add MORE speed to our already speedy horse program.  Also, he's got completely different bloodlines than what we already have in our horse herd.  In the past, we've had primarily "Cutting Horse" bloodlines, which we undoubtedly love, but we felt like it was time for a change.  

"Bird's" Family Bloodlines is currently one of the BEST in the AQHA Race Horse World and also at the 6666's Ranch in Texas.  We feel he's got all of the best race horse bloodlines going right now.  He's got ONE FAMOUS EAGLE, MR JESS PERRY & BEDUINO on his top side.  His bottom side is nothing to "sneeze" at's CORONA CARTEL & DASH FOR CASH.  

Crossing "Bird" on our working cow horse mares we hope to keep what we've already got...athleticism, confirmation, good temperament, soundness and stamina and add just MORE speed.  "Bird" has a great disposition, legs & confirmation. As of to date, our 1st foal crop by him that was born in 2015 is spectacular.  I've got them all halter broke & found them to be great to work with plus keeping in our tradition of having not only speed, but lots of athleticity too.  We're very pleased & excited about "Bird's" 1st foals & can't wait to start riding them.

"Bird's" first foals are a perfect addition to our already great herd of  horses.

Bird & Cathie2 9-28-14
Bird & Cathie3 9_28_14
Cathie & Bird_Draggin Barrel 1- Kelly B Photo
Cathie & Bird_Roping Heel O Matic 5 - Kelly B Photo
Cathie & Bird_Pulling Heel O Matic 5 - Kelly B Photo
Cathie & Bird_Pulling Heel O Matic 2 - Kelly B Photo
Cathie & Bird_Draggin Barrel 2- Kelly B Photo
Cathie & Bird_Barrels 13 - Kelly B Photo
Cathie & Bird_Barrels 3 - Kelly B Photo
Cathie & Bird_Barrels 4 - Kelly B Photo


(of the past)


1986 Bay Stallion

This is Lenas May Day.  His nickname just simply, "May Day".  He has sired some of our best horses...or do I really mean that????  Not really...I love ALL the horses that we've raised and ridden by ALL of our studs.

All our horses seem to keep getting better and better which is a plus...and that's the way it's suppose to be, right?  But before you can have great horses like we've got, you've got to have a good foundation.  That's the case here.  There's not one of our previous stallions that we have loved not only for their performances themselves, but mostly for the horses that they've produced.

ATHENOLENA “Moe” as we called him was one of the youngest and last own son of Doc ‘O Lena. He was a bundle of muscle & cute as could be, with mounds of “mane and tail”. Just a plain bay, as far as “color” goes, but his looks caught everyone’s eye… and his mother? Why she is another one of the best horses that I have ever ridden.  Athenas Minerva, (Athenolena’s mother), was one of the last horses, that Shorty Freeman trained from start to finish, but wasn’t able to actually show himself, so he had his stepson, Kelly Graham show her in all of the “major” events.  She finaled and won in every show that she attempted. Pretty great record, if you ask me.  


Athenolena, was never shown himself because of a lack of time...and at the time, other things besides cutting horses had to come first, whether we liked it or not. But this horse was almost at the point of being able to be shown, and is an outstanding horse in his own right. He would have followed in all of his relative’s footsteps, and more, if we had been able to show and promote him as we would have liked to. 


We DID do something though.  We DID recognize the fact that he would be a great sire & he was.  He proved to us and lots of other folks that he had what it took as a sire.  I showed one of his first colts in the 2004 Snaffle Bit Futurity. He did really well…it was me that was a bit rusty after nine years of not showing.  I also showed him at the 2005 NRCHA Hackamore Classic in Paso Robles. Once again, my reining skills lacked what they needed, but his cowhorse skills and ability pulled us through to a “winning place”. Since then, I sold him to Greg Wyatt of Precision Collision in Paso Robles.  Greg cut on him for quite a few years and won tons and marked huge scores. 

    Then there was Rob Leach...he bought PEP N CODA LENA out of our 2006 Sale. Here’s a great combination for ya. Athenolena on the top; Kings Pep N Dry and a ½ Thoroghbred Mare on the bottom. Do ya know what ya get? The 2007 Snaffle Bit Futurity Open Limited Champion.  Rob went on to win quite a bit more stuff on his mare and is now back in Australia training & showing horses with the best of them.  This is just a few examples of how Athenolena “MOE” has contributed to our wonderful horse program.    


1990 Bay Stallion


1981 Chestnut Stallion

GEORGIAS DRY DOC or “George” as we called him has provided us with some of the finest horses on the ranch.  We still have some of his progeny in our broodmare band and are also still using them on the ranch and in the roping and rodeo arena today.  Some of his horses (progeny) are very well known.  Here’s a list starting with Karen, Sharon, Wayne, Special K, Lucas and Sissy.  Of course these are nicknames & not their registered names, but they are pretty well-known around the country.  Caleb rode Karen, Sharon & Sissy in all of the major ropings in the world plus also 3 WNFR’s and the 2002 Winter Olympic Command Performance Rodeo.  Caleb won over $500,000 on Sharon & Karen alone.  


Besides the horses that Caleb’s had, Rowly also rode a mare by George.  Her name was Tweety and she was phenomenal in her own right.  She won all-around titles in different events such as ropings, reinings  & working cow horse, relay races, etc.  You name it…she was extremely good at it.  Tweety was used and ridden well into her late 20’s.  Why, you ask?  Cuz she was so so good and stayed sound forever…plus everyone wanted to keep riding her.  We didn’t pass up the broodmare part though… we DID embryo her a few times and do have some daughters that we’re both still riding and also using in our current broodmare band as of 2016.


Besides our family riding George’s babies, there’s quite a few other people that have also ridden them to fame, fortune and titles.  A few of them are Russell Cardoza, who probably won close to $500,000 on his mare Mocha, to Bucky & BJ Campbell.  There’s even more people who’ve benefited by riding “George” horses but it would take “pages” to list them all.  


We even sold horses to people in Germany & Canada.  In Germany, the “George” horses have won MANY different events…Cutting, Reining, Western Riding, Trail, Pleasure and even Halter classes.  YES, these “George” horses are nothing to “sneeze” at.  They been amazing and we feel truly lucky & blessed to have had him as part of our battery of Foundation Sires.

George & May Day

Together in 2003

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